Online Escape Room: Bridging the Gap


“Hey, hi, do you hear me?”

“Press unmute, so I can hear you!”

“It’s so nice that we can talk but don’t have to travel now!”

Currently we are all experiencing the pro’s and con’s of working together online. And the question is how can you do this in a successful way. How do you work together as a team, while making progress at the same time.

In the online escape room, you can experience that you can work, have fun and connect together online in a way that works for you. In a 1-hour challenge you will experience how to work together online with Zoom or Microsoft teams. After this game you will also have insight in how you tackled this together. Do you have blind confidence in each other? What are the talents of your team members? And what did you learn about working together in an online situation.

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Practical information

  1. Online game, possible to play from all over the world.
  2. In total 1.5 hour playing and reflecting
  3. Possible with all videocall software (such as Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, WebEx, etc.)
  4. 5-15 participants.
  5. Investment per team £350,- or  $430,- (exclusive of VAT).
  6. Available in Dutch and English

Potential add-on: Teamcoach with extra reflection: 

It is possible to invite a teamcoach who will observe your team during the game and will facilitate a valuable reflection at the end. Total time 2,5 hour. Price of add-on:  £180,-  or $215,- (exclusive of VAT).

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